Survey Says
Shape movement
Project Description:
This project was done for school over the course of 2 and half weeks. The goal was to begin the animation with a square and finish the animation with a square. The class was challenged to create visuals by only using shapes, any sort of recognizable image or visual was not permitted. 
The first step was to choose a colour palette, as well as a piece of music that I could synchronize the movement to. I tried my best to pair my colour palette with the song, aiming for a bubbly & high energetic combination. The planning process proved challenging for an assignment such as this, as it is not easy to create impressive visuals and movement using only shapes.
I created a storyboard, however, after a few revisions & spontaneous ideas, the storyboard became a bit of a mess. At this point my storyboard was a bit fragmented and I was mostly going off of pure imagination, especially in the last third of the video.

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