Some minds
live action
Project Description:
This project was done for school over the span of about a month. The aim of the project was to have live action elements and animations co-existing in the same space. Motion tracking was key in the assignment, which was achieved through Mocha & After Effects. I chose to go with a grime & slime theme for the video, as this style pairs well with the whole aesthetic of skateboarding culture.
I knew from the start I wanted to film in a few different locations, so I went out and scouted locations prior to filming. I ended up choosing 3 different areas. When it came to the actual shots, I planned to shoot a wide variety of long, medium, and close up shots of different tricks at different angles. Afterwards, I went over the footage and picked out shots where I thought I could best implement the slime visuals.
I then took the footage into photoshop, and created freeze frames of each individual shot, and drew over top of them. This acted as my storyboard and gave me a clear plan of what I needed to animate for the final product. 
Below are some of the visuals that I had planned for some of the shots in the first half of the video. I ended up falling behind schedule and I had to cut out a few of the slime animations. However, the lack of visuals and grime within the first half ended up creating a larger build up to the explosion of visuals seen in the second half of the video.

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