google machine
logo build
Project Description:
This Logo Build was produced within school over a 2 week period. Google has a very clean, but also playful brand and I was very excited to create a build for their logo. It was a challenge using Cinema 4D to create a flat looking 3D image. I wanted the project to look flat and almost 2D, so that I could bring the animation into After Effects when I was done animating in Cinema. I chose to use After Effects, because some of the letter animations would have been extremely difficult to create in Cinema 4D.
I personally have always enjoyed Rube Goldberg machines and how intricate and creative they can be. I thought that pairing Google with a Rube Goldberg machine could create some interesting visuals, so I took the idea and ran with it. As this was quite an ambitious idea, I started with making a rough sketch in my notebook to get an idea of what I was working with. I then drew up a cleaner concept in Photoshop as seen below, although some ideas were cut or changed, the majority of what I had planned made it into the final version.

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