Anyone home
children's book
Project Description:
Anyone Home is a Halloween themed children's books that I wrote and illustrated for a school assignment in 2018. This project spanned the course of 2 months, during which time I planned, illustrated and wrote the story. 
My main goal for this assignment was to focus almost entirely on the design and illustration of the pages. I needed to come up with a solid story so that the illustrations flowed together in a manner that made sense. Therefore, I spent a lot of time researching various categories of storytelling media. I wanted to make sure that my compositions were clear, creative, and fit in with the whole aesthetic of children's book illustrations. I also spent a lot of time on the design of the 3 main characters as they were the stars of the book. While designing them, I really focused on basic shapes to create solid silhouettes for each of them so that they were easily recognizable on the page.
Developing a story that could be enjoyed both by adults and children was both fun and challenging. I tried my best to implement subtleties that would go unnoticed by a child, but could be easily recognized by adults, such as the shining reference on the 4th page.
Front Cover
Page 1 - Walking to house
Page 2 - Knocking on door
Page 3 - Door opens mysteriously
Page 4 - Door slams shut
Page 5 - Looking around Foyer
Page 6 & 7 - Searching Graveyard
Page 8 & 9 - Searching Dining Room
Page 10 - Monster Encounter
Page 11 - Donating candy to monster
Page 12 - Children led outside by monster
Back Cover

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