Alleyway environment
Dojo Front View
Lanterns & Staircase
Upper Walkway
Upper Walkway 2
Dojo Corner View
Dojo Side Alley
Dojo Back Alley
Project Description:
This project was done for school over a few months, where I was challenged to create a 3D environment of my choice in Unreal Engine 4. The modular assets were modelled & textured in Maya and were then taken into Unreal Engine. In Unreal, I pieced together all of the assets and then proceeded to light the scene, as well as add any final decals & posters on the walls of the alleyways.
I began this project by researching my theme of an underground Japanese alleyway. From the beginning, I wanted my scene to be very dark, with the only lights emanating from the various street signs and lanterns throughout the alley. So I took to creating some mood boards for all of the different aspects of the environment, which helped me plan an overview of the layout & all of the different assets I would need to model.
A large problem that I ran into with this project was the scope. There was a lot that needed to be done, and not a lot of time to do it, therefore, I had to cut a few things from the original plan. I ended up having to scrap the ramen-shop idea, as well as all of the pipes, miscellaneous objects, and junk I had planned to place throughout the corridors.
Environment Layout
After the layout was complete, I blocked out my level in Unreal Engine and created a rough sketch of my final environment to further help me plan out what I needed to model. This sketch helped me plan what colours & lighting I wanted to use in my final scene, which was an important aspect of the underground alleyway.
Rough Sketch Concept

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